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Keke's first book,
The Dog Park Massacre, is now available for sale on Amazon!

See this page for more information about the book or to order a copy.

Keke's Guide to Training Your Human is a dog lover's blog, a PAWDcast, and a book, all written from a dog's perspective.

Keke is a Biewer Terrier puppy who presents her perspective on life and growing up in the human world. She features cute, funny, and heart-warming stories about dogs that everyone will enjoy.

How does she write a blog and podcast? To quote Keke:

Well, I’ll tell you, some mornings it isn’t easy. I drag my lazy human out of bed to get my coffee and fire up the laptop before I start working. I’m a slow typist, but this is where my dancing skills come in. I can do the Foxtrot, the Carolina Shag, and the Control-Alt-Delete. 

How do you handle an 11-week-old Biewer Terrier puppy? More importantly, how does she handle you? Check out Keke’s Guide to Training Your Human to find out!

Because dogs are people too, you know!

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