Ken Van Camp

... may not be the perfect human, but he's trainable. At least that's what Keke says!

Ken is a dog lover, freelance writer, voiceover artist, audiobook producer, and the author of Keke's Guide to Training Your Human.

Keke’s Guide to Training Your Human is a dog lover's blog, a podcast, and now a book! Click the image of Keke's Guide or this link for more information and links to the book,  blog, podcast, and Keke's Facebook page.

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Because dogs are people too, you know!

Freelance Writer:

Ken Van Camp is a freelance writer. He writes fiction and creative non-fiction, and is the author of Keke's Guide to Training Your Human, a blog and podcast written from a dog's perspective (and now a book too).

Other than Keke's blog, Ken wrote the following recently published stories (other than Keke's blog):

Voiceover Artist:

Ken is an experienced voiceover artist and sound engineer.

He is the voice of the podcast Keke's Guide to Training Your Human. Listen to a sample episode on this website or search for "Keke's Guide" on your favorite podcast player.

He narrated and engineered the following audiobook:

Software Engineer:

Ken is a senior Java and Python developer focused on highly distributed applications and micro-service architecture, including AWS serverless/lambdas.  He has a strong background in software security, agile, test-driven development and continuous integration, object-oriented analysis, framework design, and architecture.

Check out his tech posts on Medium:

Open Source: The Free Software That Isn't

 AWS lambda now supports partial batch failures. But is it the best approach?

photo of Ken Van Camp on catamaran
photo of Ken with Keke, his Biewer Terrier puppy

Ken is a dog lover, freelance writer, blogger, podcast performer, voiceover artist, audiobook producer, senior software engineer, and sailor based in Florida, U.S.

He has written on a variety of subjects, from sailing to personal profiles to software development to dogs.

His writing has appeared in Medium, Substack, The Florida Writer, Good Old Boat, Village Neighbors, Small Craft Advisor, Object Magazine, C/C++ Users Journal, and Computer Shopper.

He has published books on Kindle and paperback (The Dog Park Massacre and Refuge of the Runaways).

His podcast, Keke's Guide to Training Your Human, can be found on all major podcast players.

He has recorded his first audiobook on Audible, "Marooned in 1799: A Time Travel Novel".

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